The Thistle Pipe Band

The Thistle Pipe Band (TPB) was set up with a British military role model in 1968 by Cavalry Lieutenant Per Colliander. It was the first band in Sweden and the second in the Nordic region, after a Danish band in Copenhagen. Today, about 45 years later, the business is continued, with unchanged demands on military style, plaster, exercise and drill. The difference is that today we are lonely about our idea and lonely about performing in full uniform. Since 1985, the band has been training in a military environment, which actively contributes to a good corps spirit and good friendship. An important factor in preserving the band’s style and appearance, but also in terms of what music is played, has been a long and close relationship with the oldest line association in the British Army, 1st of Foot, The Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment), whose first chief for a period was one of Gustaf II Adolf’s commanders in Germany during the 30-year war in the 17th century. The band does not engage in racing activities and is a little accurate with where it is performing. The band’s patroness, since 1973, is Princess Christina. You are welcome to visit us. We have our training rooms and storage room at Karlbergs Slott in Stockholm