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Aarhus Pipes & Drums

Aarhus Pipes & Drums was founded in Aarhus in 1988 and has spread joy and enthusiasm to everything from family parties to city parties to tattoos across the country ever since. The band also participates in competitions both at home and abroad.

If you are interested in learning more about the band or about the opportunities to learn how to play bagpipes or Scottish drums, feel free to write to

The band gathers every Thursday at. 19: 00-21: 30 at Møllevangsskolen, Møllevangs Allé 20, 8210 Aarhus V, Denmark

Pipe Major
Lejf Fomsgaard
20 32 40 
Leading Drummer
Erik Martiny
42 91 22 
Jobs and gigs
Lejf Fomsgaard
20 32 40
Sven Harboe
61 65 16


The Thistle Pipe Band

The Thistle Pipe Band (TPB) was set up with a British military role model in 1968 by Cavalry Lieutenant Per Colliander. It was the first band in Sweden and the second in the Nordic region, after a Danish band in Copenhagen. Today, about 45 years later, the business is continued, with unchanged demands on military style, plaster, exercise and drill. The difference is that today we are lonely about our idea and lonely about performing in full uniform. Since 1985, the band has been training in a military environment, which actively contributes to a good corps spirit and good friendship. An important factor in preserving the band’s style and appearance, but also in terms of what music is played, has been a long and close relationship with the oldest line association in the British Army, 1st of Foot, The Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment), whose first chief for a period was one of Gustaf II Adolf’s commanders in Germany during the 30-year war in the 17th century. The band does not engage in racing activities and is a little accurate with where it is performing. The band’s patroness, since 1973, is Princess Christina. You are welcome to visit us. We have our training rooms and storage room at Karlbergs Slott in Stockholm


The Griffin Pipes & Drums


In 1973 a group of people in Malmö started to perform under 
the name of The Hamilton Pipes & Drums. The band members wore the 

Hamilton tartan and had the Scottish Duke of Hamilton as their protector.

The Hamilton Pipes & Drums participated in the competitions held in Scandinavia but the band also got in contact with people in Germany which lead to engagements at the Euro Musiktage 
(a gathering of bands playing wind instruments) in Bösel. 
The band has played there several times and has also performed in other towns in Germany. 

Today, piping and drumming is certainly an international matter that can be seen among the former members of Griffin Pipes & Drums. 

Among the people playing in the band there has been players from
Canada, Malaysia and New Zealand. 
Today there are no playing members left since the band started in the 1970s but people still stay in touch with the band. 

Members and former members usually meet at least once a year,
on Halloween, when Griffin Pipes & Drums has its annual celibration.


P/M: Åke Gullander
Tel +46 70 576 26 37

L/D: Tom Bruun
Tel +45 30 24 74 19
Address for Griffin: Föreningsgatan 83b212 14 Malmö, Sweden

Pipers Club of Copenhagen

The Pipers Club of Copenhagen – Denmark Pipers Club was founded in 1951 by the Danish painter Mogens Zieler.

Mogens Zieler:

Pipers Club was in the beginning a meeting place for the first pipers in Denmark, Mogens Zieler and his friends. Today, Pipes Club is a place where pipers and people with an interest in piping can meet on neutral ground, and play for each other, and talk about old days and about the piping world today.

We also have some small competitions, recitals and sometimes we have some special themes for the evening.

The Pipers Club meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month and are conducted by the Pipe Majors Ib McCarthy Nielsen and Kaj Larssen.



Bergen Pipes & Drums

Bergen Pipes & Drums has been an active part of the Norwegian cultural scene ever since it was first formed in 2005 as Bergen Pipeband. Based in Bergen on the west coast of Norway, the band is a traditional pipe band mainly focused on Scottish and Celtic music, and is open to any arrangements of tunes that can be played on the bagpipes.

Since 2009 the band has been focused on raising the musical standard through tuition, workshops and introducing a more challenging repertoire. Bergen Pipes & Drums became the first Norwegian pipe band to compete musically when it took part in the 2013 World Pipe Band Championships in Glasgow, Scotland.

The band is part of Bergen Scottish Society and is a regular feature at ceilidhs, Burns’ suppers, the 17th of May celebrations, cultural events and Remembrance Day commemorations in the city. Bergen Pipes & Drums plays at public and private events around Norway and has been featured on national and local television, on the radio and in the press.

Bergen Pipes & Drums is a member The Pipe Band Association of Scandinavia and aims to strengthen bonds with other pipe bands internationally. Leading pipers and drummers from top grades are invited to Bergen to coach and play with the band as a part of this ambition.


Pipe Major Thomas De Ridder


The Helsinki Pipes and drums

The Helsinki Pipes and Drums was founded 1991 by John “McGregor” Hardie of the clan McKintosh, clan tartan the band still wears. The band has lately been led by Gavin Hardie and Annukka Matilainen, with Manne Laukkanen as Drum Sgt. since the beginning.

We are a non-profit organization in Helsinki and have about 6 active members, being more of a “quintet with a second line”.
The band performs several times a year with bagpipes and snare drum (sometimes bass drum, sadly place of the tenor drummer is open) in various contexts around Finland, particularly in weddings, highland games, funerals and birthday parties.

Competitions and performances abroad have been a rarity apart from some occasions in New York, Xanten in Germany, Belgium and Tallinn. We teach students of bagpipes and drums.

Our pipe major is currently Annukka Matilainen, while PM Gavin Hardie is finishing his studies in Scotland. Some of our members do visit other bands as guest players from time to time (Eevastiina Korri – Scotland, Manne Laukkanen – Sweden, Gavin Hardie – Scotland)


The Helsinki Pipes and Drums