The Griffin Pipes & Drums


In 1973 a group of people in Malmö started to perform under 
the name of The Hamilton Pipes & Drums. The band members wore the 

Hamilton tartan and had the Scottish Duke of Hamilton as their protector.

The Hamilton Pipes & Drums participated in the competitions held in Scandinavia but the band also got in contact with people in Germany which lead to engagements at the Euro Musiktage 
(a gathering of bands playing wind instruments) in Bösel. 
The band has played there several times and has also performed in other towns in Germany. 

Today, piping and drumming is certainly an international matter that can be seen among the former members of Griffin Pipes & Drums. 

Among the people playing in the band there has been players from
Canada, Malaysia and New Zealand. 
Today there are no playing members left since the band started in the 1970s but people still stay in touch with the band. 

Members and former members usually meet at least once a year,
on Halloween, when Griffin Pipes & Drums has its annual celibration.


P/M: Åke Gullander
Tel +46 70 576 26 37

L/D: Tom Bruun
Tel +45 30 24 74 19
Address for Griffin: Föreningsgatan 83b212 14 Malmö, Sweden