Aabenraa Pipes and Drums

AAPAD = Aabenraa pipes and drums

Hjemsted: Aabenraa kommune, Sønderjylland, Danmark
Website: Pipeband.dk
Formand: Ivan Christiansen,
+4521717763 Adresse: Bahlvej 31, 6855 Outrup, Danmark

Pipemajor: Ivan Christiansen, ivan@pelsdyrraadgivningen.dk, +4521717763 Adresse: Bahlvej 31, 6855 Outrup, Danmark

Leading Drummer:
Michael Sivertsen, juniorsiw@gmail.com, +4522959293

The White Hackle Memorial Pipe Band

The White Hackle Memorial Pipe Band was established on 11th November 2013. The band is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Pipe Major: Niels Aaboe-Jacobsen
Ejbygård 17
2600 Glostrup

Tel +45 31315111

E-mail: Niels@aaboe-jacobsen.dk

Website: http://tac-case.dk/xn--skkepibespiller-xlb/default.htm

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Sækkepibespiller-Vi-spiller-til-alle-arrangementer-1859189351062941/

Stockholm Pipe Band

Stockholm Pipe Band

We are now called short and good Stockholm Pipe Band. Our history is long and The Pipes & Drums of the 1st Royal Engineers has been our name from 1987, when we became the Svea Engineering Regiment’s honorary music corps. The band was founded in 1968 as The Thistle Pipe Band by Per Colliander, who seriously introduced the Scottish highland bagpipe in Sweden. (Read more during history.) We are a non-profit organization in Stockholm and have about 30 active members. The band performs with bagpipes and drums in various contexts around Sweden and abroad and we teach students on bagpipes and drums. Another important part of our orchestral business is to play in bagpipe competitions. Every year we try to go to some competition, in Scandinavia or in Scotland. In 2001 we became world champion in our class, grade 3a.


Stockholm Pipe Band

Sirapsvägen 9

123 56 FARSTA


Phone : 08-6440610

Email : info@sackpipa.com

Gordon Pipes & Drums

The Gordon Pipes and Drums is a traditional pipe band based on Scottish traditions.

The band was established in 1986 by Pipe Major Palle H.A.A. Schjerning with inspiration from the Gordon Highlanders.

The band is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Telephone: + 45 31 22 11 25
E-mail: palle@fotograf-odsherred.dk

Telephone: + 45 20 75 33 06
Email: kaj.larssen@gmail.com

Bragi Pipe Band

Bragi Pipe Band was founded in 2015 as a cooperation between danish pipebands, from 2 different regions in the country.
It was united by members from Aarhus Pipes & Drums and Aalborg Pipe Band.
A Year later (2016) the Clan Rose Pipes & Drums joined the cooperation and a name for the band was rather mandatory.

Bragi Pipe Band was a reality.

“Bragi” is the name of the god for poetry and music in Northern Mythology, and was choosen given the bands nothern herritage and to symbol that it is not a band based in a city but consists of members from all around Denmark.
To have a name that has its roots in northern mythology gives the band a nordic cultural awareness well mixed with the love for scottish / celtic music. ‘This does have a nice poetic ring and this is why Bragi is a great name for this band.

The band is constantly evolving and are working quite consistently towards pipeband competitions in europe; Developing experiences that will prepare the members for their first appearance at the Worlds in Scotland in 2019.

Bragi Pipe Band is always looking for new players with a sense of routine since the band only meet for a half day every 3rd-5th week (roughly 1 time a month).
It is an opportunity for players who has ambition yet limited spare time.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bragipipeband/

Tel.: +45 51 21 16 05


e-mail: niklasvj2@gmail.com

Pipe Major: Rasmus Pape Selsing
Leading Drummer: Erik Martiny

Heather Pipes & Drums of Copenhagen

Heather Pipes & Drums was founded on 15th September 1970


The band is based in Hvidovre, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Details about the band:
General Manager: Lisbet Kværnø
P/M: Paul Martin Holm
L/D: Karin Kjell Nielsen


Location: Engstrandskolen, Hvidovrevej 440, 2650 Hvidovre
Mail: lisbetkv@mail.dk
Tel: none
Website: www.heather.dk (currently out of order as of November 2019)
Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/560978953992050/?fref=ts