The Helsinki Pipes and drums

The Helsinki Pipes and Drums was founded 1991 by John “McGregor” Hardie of the clan McKintosh, clan tartan the band still wears. The band has lately been led by Gavin Hardie and Annukka Matilainen, with Manne Laukkanen as Drum Sgt. since the beginning.

We are a non-profit organization in Helsinki and have about 6 active members, being more of a “quintet with a second line”.
The band performs several times a year with bagpipes and snare drum (sometimes bass drum, sadly place of the tenor drummer is open) in various contexts around Finland, particularly in weddings, highland games, funerals and birthday parties.

Competitions and performances abroad have been a rarity apart from some occasions in New York, Xanten in Germany, Belgium and Tallinn. We teach students of bagpipes and drums.

Our pipe major is currently Annukka Matilainen, while PM Gavin Hardie is finishing his studies in Scotland. Some of our members do visit other bands as guest players from time to time (Eevastiina Korri – Scotland, Manne Laukkanen – Sweden, Gavin Hardie – Scotland)


The Helsinki Pipes and Drums